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What about the minimum order quantity of stamping parts in Fortuna?
Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.sets the MOQ of stamping part . This may also be negotiated. Please note that the minimum order quantity is one way we get revenue. If you want to reduce MOQ, it may be a way to use the same components throughout the production process. This can be negotiated.

Fortuna has been dedicated to producing high-quality cnc machined parts. The lead frames series is widely praised by customers. This product is safe in use. It has been designed with 10 safety mechanisms, such as overload and overvoltage protection to guard against any accidents. The product is not easy to crack even under the high temperature. Marketers and producers have noticed the influential market strategy presented by the product. It not only strengthens the brand but also increases website traffic while enhancing the customer experience. It is pre-coated with anti-corrosion lubricant.

Fortuna will enhance the reputation of metal stamping china products. Call!
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