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What about the production of stamping technology requirements

by:Fortuna     2020-03-28
Now in use of stamping equipment, can use anti-rust oil and oil for stamping processing, if more than half a year, users can use antioxidant packaging materials or antioxidant oil, specific antioxidant oil types are more likely to use lubricant clean, depending on the manufacturer to provide indicators, stamping parts often have residual oxidation prevent after processing time, or stamping and clean the oil will be held on the stamping parts. During this period, the factory will be stored and repackage stampings, keep them at the same time, for example, the automotive stamping parts packing is cassette, anti-rust film and other internal oxidation method, so it can reach about 1 year period of oxidation, satisfies the requirement of transportation or storage, saponification oil is usually used for processing oil and do not use for a long time. If the user wants to use oil oxidation, recommend the use of oil oxidation, general feature is low viscosity, good compatibility with oil seal, no reaction and certain volatile, the user think it is still based on the quality, the unreasonable jam or irregular space space is also the cause of stamping materials, deformation, must be overcome, in daily production, there is the punch size too big or too small and large difference of the punch size, in addition to considering the convex matrix, the design of the size. Machining precision stamping and space, the following is considered to solve, with cutting edge wear, material tensile stress increase, and stamping parts increased the material change trend, when material rotates, the size of the punch will reduce, material caused material strong pressure on the plastic deformation, resulting in larger hole size, when the strong pressure to reduce the size of the perforation will become smaller, the edge of the punch shape, if the end is cant or circular arc cutting, the piercing force is unlikely due to deformation, deformation, so the hole size will be bigger, the size of the punch will be relatively small, in the production of a particular practice.
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