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What about word-of-mouth of Fortuna?
Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.has received numerous recognitions and "Partner" accolades for outstanding program results and the level of Fortunaquality. A number of major brands rely on us to make a positive impression, strengthen relationships and maximize sales. When your business grows, we grow. Our brand exhibits essential values that are key to operating a successful business. When choosing the partners, our brand is most mentioned in the first place.

Fortuna has gained wide popularity in the stamping parts industry. The lead frames series is widely praised by customers. A variety of tests for Fortunastamping parts china have been conducted. These tests include inflammability/ fire resistance testing, as well as chemical testing for lead content in surface coatings. It has gained a wide reputation for good toughness. When applied in the building industry, this product is seen by architects more eco-friendly than traditional buildings such as those made from brick and cement. It can be supplied with different packaging methods including plastic pallet packaging, carrier tape packaging, etc.

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