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What are applications of cnc lathe parts produced by Fortuna?
Cnc lathe parts is a product with many excellent qualities and various applications. Those products developed by Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.have received a lot of attention in this field because it reduces the pain of customers that other companies cannot solve. This product has important product features that may be used by a wide range of customers.
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Fortuna has accumulated years of rich experience in the manufacturing of stamping parts. We are regarded as a powerful competitor in the market. Fortuna's main products include cnc machined parts series. It has adequate crease-resistance. The reason is partly chemical, which is determined by the fiber used, and partly mechanical, which is determined by the yarn and fabric construction. The product has a certain bearing capacity and strong adaptability of the weather. The production testing procedure for stamping parts is rigorous. It is pre-coated with anti-corrosion lubricant.
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Our company bears social responsibilities. For instance, we are implementing waste management strategies to recycle sludge into dehydrated powdered sludge that can be used by cement companies to produce cementing mixtures.

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