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What are hardware terminal plating effect

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
To prevent the oxidation of the metal terminal material, reduce the contact resistance, increase the solder resistance, increase the wear resistance, impact line electric conduction, the service life of the connector, hardware terminal generally after plating. One, the role of gilded gold plating is a kind of ideal contact material, it not only has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and in almost any environment, have good corrosion resistance. Because of these features, the gold in the high reliability used frequently in the use of the electric connector. 你是金非常贵,很难因采收可替换的该原因要考虑材料。 Second, the role of gold alloy gold alloy has kept many of the features of pure gold at the same time, its price is much lower than the pure gold. The use of gold alloy has been all kinds of success. The degree of success is dependent on its fusion agent ( 合金剂) Characteristics and electric connector of working conditions. Alloy processing will increase resistivity and hardness and reduce the thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of gold. Its overall effect, 净效应) The rise of resistance is small. But have potential stability in the environment of important. Gold hardness increase makes the contact of the durability of the coating have been improved, however, gold alloy performance in a range of acceptable use, so they are constantly use. Three, the role of palladium palladium is also a kind of precious metals, however, in addition to the hardness, its gold with described above many of the important features are not the same. 与金相相比,钯有较高电阻率,较低导热率,以及交差的抗腐蚀能力。 In addition to the lively sex, or polymer formed by palladium catalyst ( catalyst) ,在有机汽水存在时,浓缩的有机汽(水 有机蒸汽) 通过摩擦运动集合在钯表面。 The friction polymer or brown powder ( 棕色粉末) Will lead to contact impedance increase. Palladium hardness is higher than gold, thus improve the durability of the palladium plating contact. Palladium and price advantages have been extensively used in electric connector, so particularly columnar terminals ( post) 。 你是大多数情况,钯的表面要收回镀一层厚度大约为。 1 - 0. 6 microns thickness of gold ( 一枚闪光) 。 Four. The role of the palladium alloy palladium alloy used in electric connector there are two. The first is a palladium nickel alloy, palladium 80% 20% nickel, it is a kind of alloy plating, usually its surface to be coated with a layer of a text. The second is palladium silver alloy, palladium silver 40% 60%, it is used as a coating metal is also used as the underlying metal contact, its surface is usually coated with a layer of thin solid gold, palladium silver alloy is a kind of Mosaic spraying materials dongguan plastic hardware electronic co. , LTD. , according to the needs of the development of modern production, to meet the needs of customers, unique design, advanced technology, welcome your call, letter or visit negotiations!
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