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What are precision tensile) production technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-06
Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, is located in shatian ferry road, factory building area of 6000 square meters, specializing in the production of various types of precision terminals, precision tensile), precision shrapnel, lead frame, and other precision metal stamping parts. Stamping is mainly used for all kinds of mobile phones, connectors, plugs and so on electrician electric field. The shape precision tensile) should be as simple as possible, symmetry, as a deep drawing; To deep drawing workpiece for many times, in ensuring the necessary surface quality of the premise, should be allowed to internal and external surface traces may be produced in the process of deep drawing; On the premise of guarantee the assembly requirements, should be allowed to deep drawing parts wall has a certain slope; Stretch of dimensioning, should indicate the guarantee the overall dimensions, or inside the shape size, can't mark shape dimension. With the steps of deep drawing parts, the height direction of dimensioning generally should be based on the bottom, if the above department as a benchmark, height is not easy to guarantee; In the die surface dry film lubricant coating ( Main ingredients: nitrocellulose, oil alkyd resin and plasticizer, extreme pressure agent additive etc. ) To reduce the material in the process of deformation and friction resistance on the surface of the mould, make the material flow more easily by the deformation area to force area. To incorporate the two process ultimately (in the original process The forming deep drawing and flanging process) A process, integrating it into ( The forming and flanging) , so that the precision of tensile processing steps does not decrease, thus effectively control the machining cost. Reasonable convex and concave die fillet, add appropriate heat treatment process and the die reasonable prevention measures, such as surface coating lubricant can improve the success rate tensile stamping. Metal tensile) widely applied in various areas of life, including electronics, plate spring, auto parts, decorative materials, etc. Precision contact: wish you a prosperous business, everything goes well, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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