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What are the basic requirements for equipment in the mold industry?

by:Fortuna     2021-05-01
At present, many people are engaged in the mold processing industry, but most of my friends may not know what are the basic requirements of the mold industry for equipment? What is the weight adaptability of its machine tools and modules, and the size of the worktable? For the series of problems, the following metal stamping manufacturers will take a look with everyone.

The following basic requirements are put forward for mold processing equipment:

1. The size of the working table should be adapted to the shape of the mold. It is suitable for rectangle, square and round, not long and narrow. However, the height direction and its stroke require a large space.

2. It must have high precision and precision retention, and the machine tool must have good rigidity and a large load-bearing capacity compatible with the weight of the module.

3. In order to adapt to the processing of complex spatial surfaces and a large amount of processing, the machine tool is required to be capable of multi-axis linkage and equipped with a CNC system with large information capacity.

4. It must be able to remove the margin quickly and efficiently, and have high reliability to maintain continuous and long-term full-load operation.

The above 4 points are about the basic requirements of the mold for the equipment. We should also pay attention to whether these requirements are met during the daily operation of the mold. Of course, the safety of the mold is also very important.
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