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What are the benefits of using copper spacers?


The application and defense of copper washers are extremely extensive, and the preloading loads required by the copper washers are also different. For example, the copper washers used for the thin flange of low-pressure water pumps require low pressing loads, which are suitable for national defense, electric power, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy , papermaking, shipping, transportation and other fields of the national economy, the product specifications are complete, the quality is stable, and the products are sold all over the country. So what are the benefits of using copper spacers?

Copper washers usually use bolted flange connection structure, so the bolts should be pre-tightened enough to meet the requirements of preliminary sealing during assembly, and it is a very difficult problem to accurately control the pre-tightening level; secondly, in this structure, copper spacers are sealing element that is affected by many factors.

The copper washers are generally sealed by a threaded place. Its sealing principle is that the two joint surfaces squeeze and deform the copper washers, so that the two surfaces of the copper washers and the two joint surfaces are closely attached without any gap, so as to obtain a seal. Effect. In order to achieve the sealing effect, annealing treatment is generally carried out before use. The purpose is to soften the copper sealing ring to achieve a better sealing effect, and it can also effectively prevent the gasket from falling apart and the erosion of the medium. Therefore, it is generally used in joints with mounting grooves, such as flanges with male and female mating, valve covers, pressure gauge unions, etc. The standard is thickness and diameter, and the thickness is determined according to the size of the gap at the sealing joint. Then it needs to be processed according to the size of the sealing groove.

At Dongguan Fortuna Metals CO.,LTD, we have rich experience in manufacturing stamping copper washers with different thickness and sizes. We have been providing these products to Czech Republic, America, Europe and Thailand. If you have demand of copper, steel, iron spacers, please contact us to get quotation.

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