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What are the beryllium copper reed installation way

by:Fortuna     2021-02-06
Precision electronic technology co. , LTD is a professional production design of precision stamping, riveting pieces, beryllium copper strip, hardware terminals and other hardware components. Products applied to the connector, micro motor, acoustic components, sensors, automotive electronics, new energy, medical electronics, intelligent household, diodes and IC packaging and other industries. Beryllium copper strip is durable metal strip, it is made of green beryllium copper alloy reeds. As the liner material, it can close to low pressure equipment to improve screen efficiency. At the same time, with high thermal conductivity, good pressure resistance characteristics, diastolic high completely eliminates the compression permanent deformation resistance. Applicable to fixed beryllium copper strip method has: cassette, pressure-sensitive adhesive, scab, fusion welding, brazing and riveting. Cassette fixed: reed with structure, convenient installation and fixed. Pressure sensitive adhesive joint: pressure sensitive adhesive is dedicated to paste the metal chassis, has strong adhesive ability. Note: when using this method fixed bonding surface is clean, accurate choice of adhesive reeds, compaction force to avoid repeated jie stick; To avoid damage to the adhesive viscosity and reeds. After bonding of reeds, want to have adhesive curing time, 24 hours a day to achieve maximum viscous force. Welding: traditional fusion welding way, reed welding fixed. Groove is fixed: fixed reed groove can be installed in 2. 29 mm wide groove, reed in slot free two-way movement. Rivet installation: rivets can be plastic or metal. Precision contact: wish you a prosperous business, everything goes well, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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