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What are the characteristics of high-speed precision stamping?


There are many types of high-speed precision stamping parts, including auto parts, home appliance parts, electronic parts, motor iron cores and other types, and are also widely used. Dongguan Fortuna - Committed to precision parts customization services, can customize various precision stamping parts, metal drawing parts, rich experience. The following we will introduce to you what are the characteristics of high-speed precision stamping?

Since the stamping speed varies with the tonnage of the press, the stroke length and times of the slider, the product process structure and material process performance, the automatic feeding speed and accuracy and many other factors, it is difficult to use simple numbers as the boundaries of each level. Therefore, at present, there is still no clear definition of the speed change range of high-speed precision presses in the world. Usually, the stamping speed is 5~10 times higher than that of ordinary presses, which is collectively referred to as high-speed precision stamping.

The technology of high-speed precision stamping parts has the characteristics of many varieties, material diversity, sheet coil material, large automatic production batch, high precision, complex shape, high technical content and added value.

high-speed precision stamping

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