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What are the characteristics of the drilling process? The stamping parts processing factory will introduce to you

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
In addition to the most basic bending and stretching, the forming process of stamping parts also has many other processes, such as boring and flanging, bulging, necking and mine mouth, leveling and shaping, cold extrusion and spinning, etc.; From the perspective of the characteristics of deformation, each has its own characteristics. Today, I will mainly talk about the characteristics of the hole turning process. The stamping parts processing factory will show you; the hole turning is the flange of the material along the inner hole. Stamping process; the common form of hole turning is shown in the figure: Figure 1a is turning the hole on the flat and undeformed part of the material; Figure 1b is turning the hole on the stretched stamping part, which can be turned outward or inward; if the height exceeds one time The permissible value of the turning hole can be stretched first, then pre-punched, and then turned out to form, as shown in Figure 1c; 1. The edge of the vertical side hole is easy to be cracked, in order to ensure that the opening of the stamping part is not cracked, The degree of deformation during actual drilling should be controlled; 2. If the ratio of the diameter d of the hole before the drilling (called the prefabricated hole) to the diameter D after the drilling is expressed by K, it becomes the drilling coefficient. Then Ku003dd/D; 3. The smaller the K value, the greater the degree of deformation. The minimum K value that can be achieved without breaking the edge of the hole when the hole is rounded is called the limit drilling coefficient; 4. Hole processing method: If it is a drilled hole without a torn surface, it is not easy to crack when turning the hole; if the drilled hole has a part of the tearing surface, the hole is easy to crack; if the material is annealed or the hole is refurbished after punching, Then you can get a turning hole ratio close to that of the drilling; in addition, you can also reverse the direction of punching and turning the hole, so that the burr is located inside the turning hole, which can reduce cracking; article recommendation: heat treatment process for stamping die Previous post: What is the working principle of the hydraulic press for processing metal stamping parts?
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