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What are the characteristics of the production method of deep drawing stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Deep drawing stamping is a very mature production method developed on an industrial basis and has applications in many fields. In short, deep drawing stamping is a special processing method of stamping. In the production process, the corresponding production equipment will be used to process the raw materials that do not conform to the shape, which has reached the shape that you want to process. In the production process, deep drawing stamping is still significantly different from ordinary stamping methods. The principle of deep drawing stamping is to use the corresponding press to apply external force to the workpiece to be produced during the processing, so that the material is deformed during the production process, so as to obtain the shape and size we want. However, there are still some differences with other stamping methods in the processing process. The first is the mold used for production. When producing deep drawing stampings, the mold is usually divided into two parts, including a punch and a die. In the production process, a mold is usually placed on a station. For auxiliary molds, many factories can even divide the mold into nearly 20 stations. Because in the actual production process, we use all the stations as the basis, and the performance of the products produced will be more stable. The second is on the product material belt, because the production of deep-drawn stamping parts is not transmitted through the corresponding material belt, but the corresponding mold is used, and the corresponding built-in manipulator is well driven to drive the equipment for transmission. The advantage of this is that the configuration of the device can be completed through self-adjustment. For example, in the production process, it should be noted that the equipment should be rotated to adjust the various positions of the components. It is precisely because there are more details than the general stamping process, so the equipment is more strict in the overall processing of the workpiece during use, especially the accuracy of the workpiece. In this way, deep drawing stampings can also better complete the required properties, including size, performance and some special chemical properties. [Related recommendation] Learn more: 精の corporate culture Learn more: Continuous improvement and innovation are the key factors for the survival of stamping companies Learn more: The development of the metal stamping processing industry
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