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What are the common factors affecting the galvanizing of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
In order to make the metal stamping parts beautiful, anti-rust, etc., stamping parts processing manufacturers will use galvanizing methods for surface treatment. Electro-galvanizing has a wide range of applications, including machinery manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, chemicals, transportation, and aerospace. It can be applied; the advantage of electro-galvanizing is that it has a thick and dense pure zinc layer covering the surface of the steel fastener, which can avoid the steel substrate from contacting any corrosive solution and protect the steel fastener substrate from corrosion; In the actual production process, what are the common factors that affect the galvanizing speed and quality? Hardware stamping manufacturers will take you to take a look; 1. The surface treatment of metal stamping parts is not thorough, and there is an oxide film on the surface of the workpiece, which affects the normal deposition of zinc; 2. The stamping parts have high carbon content, high carbon steel, cast iron, etc. will reduce hydrogen The precipitation potential will accelerate the hydrogen evolution on the surface of the workpiece, and the current efficiency will decrease; 3. The workpiece is bound too tightly, and the workpiece is partially galvanized during galvanizing. 4. The temperature of the galvanizing bath is low; 5. The content of additives in the galvanizing bath is too low. The low content will affect the dispersion ability, and the coating will appear too thin locally; 6. The corrosion of metal stamping parts will reduce the hydrogen precipitation potential, and the hydrogen evolution on the surface of the workpiece will accelerate the current efficiency and reduce the zinc deposition rate; 7. Hydrogen The content of sodium oxide is low. If the content of sodium hydroxide is low, the current density will decrease and anodic passivation will occur; 8. Anode passivation will reduce the effective area and affect the normal distribution of current; article recommendation: high-speed stamping die in daily processing and stamping How to maintain in the piece? Previous post: How to maintain high-speed stamping dies in the daily processing of stamping parts?
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