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What are the common problems when stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2020-04-03
In the case of daily production, the size of punch difference is very big, in addition to the convex array, the design of the size, we should consider the machining accuracy and cutting space, with a cutting edge wear, material tensile stress increase, and stamping material increased the trend of rotation, when the material rotates, the size of the punch will reduce, material caused material strong pressure on the plastic deformation, resulting in larger hole size, when the strong pressure to reduce the size of the punch will be smaller, shape the edge of the punch. If the end is cant or circular arc cutting, piercing force is unlikely due to deformation, deformation, so the hole size will be bigger, when at the end of the punch is flat, the size of the punch is relatively small, reasonable mold design, in the gradual model, the cutting sequence alignment influence the accuracy of embossing forming, usually most stamping parts are formed by punching and cutting, can get the different shapes of products. Then punch a small piece of area, and set the incision to reduce the influence of the formation of drilling force of stamping, opened more than on the discharge board material, when the mould is closed, the material can be compacted, form a key part of the discharge plate shall be designed to have a traditional die space structure of Mosaic structure, sealing time is can't press discharge plate press part of the wear and tear, exert pressure, the pressure insert discharge thickening, to increase the pressure on the concave die, inhibit the material side of the hole. Deformation of the stamping parts, at the end of the hole edge is slope or crooked, it is an effective method to reduce the damping force and damping force can reduce material stretching, in daily production mold, must pay attention to keep the edge sharpness, convex punch, when using the edge in a bit, material tensile stress increases, so the stamping tend to distort, uneven space is distorted, stamping materials and must be overcome.
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