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What are the commonly used materials for stamping at the stamping parts processing plant?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing manufacturers, processing metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, stainless steel drawing parts, customized drawings, let’s take a look at what are the commonly used materials for stamping? 1. Ordinary carbon steel plates such as Q195, Q235, etc. 2. High-quality carbon structural steel plates. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of this type are guaranteed. Among them, low-carbon steel is used more frequently. Commonly used grades are: 08, 08F, 10, 20, etc. 3. Electrical silicon steel plates such as DT1 DT24, stainless steel plates such as 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr13, etc., are used to manufacture parts with anti-corrosion and rust prevention requirements. 5. Low-alloy structural steel plates are commonly used such as Q345 (16Mn) Q295 (09Mn2). Important stamping parts with strength requirements 6. Copper and copper alloys (such as brass), etc., grades are T1, T2, H62, H68, etc., and their plasticity, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are very good; 7. Aluminum and aluminum alloys are commonly used The grades are L2, L3, LF21, LY12, etc., which have better shaping, small deformation resistance and light weight. 8. The most commonly used shape of stamping materials is sheet material, common specifications such as 710mm×1420mm and 1000mm×2000mm, etc. 9. According to the thickness tolerance, the sheet material can be divided into three types: A, B, and C, which can be divided according to the surface quality. There are 3 types of I, II, and III. 10. The supply state of the sheet material is: annealing state M, quenching state C, hard state Y, semi-hard Y2, etc. The sheet metal has two rolling states: cold-rolled and hot-rolled; 11. Aluminum-killed steel sheets used for drawing complex parts can be divided into three types: ZF, HF, and F. Generally, deep-drawn low-carbon thin steel sheets It can be divided into three types: Z, S, and P. Article recommendation: Technical requirements of steel plate molds in metal stamping processing Previous post: How is the punching sequence arranged in the processing of metal stamping parts?
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