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What are the commonly used terminal - Hardware terminal

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Is a terminal, terminal is one of the connection of electrical accessories. With the progress of era, the rapid development of electronic industry, terminal application scope is more and more wide, type also more and more. Variety is not clear what is it terminal? What is the role? Today is about the author is what are the common terminal, it is what are the advantages? Commonly used terminal blocks are: press type docking terminal, also has a screw press, use this after the light is very convenient; Copper nose good appearance specifications, conductive performance is good, safe. Plug type terminal usually use more convenient wiring in power distribution box, bear power generally small. Fence type terminal, it can realize safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in high current, high voltage is used more widely in the environment. Spring type terminal, is a new type of terminal blocks, because it has the security, reliability, efficiency, so it should be a very wide range. Insurance terminal, it is a kind of used in insurance tube set inside the terminal, with good electric conductivity. Wear wall type terminal, the bolt connecting technology, convenient installation. Orbital terminals, using a reliable thread connection technology, electronic fuse technology and the latest electrical connection technology, have good self-locking and loose proof performance. There are many types of terminals, you also know what are the common terminal?
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