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What are the components of the general mold under the introduction of the stamping parts processing plant

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
What are the parts of a general mold? The stamping parts processing plant will take you to take a look; 1. The working parts in the stamping parts processing plant mold include punches and concave films; 2. The positioning parts in the stamping parts processing plant mold include stop pins, positioning pins, and side edges And other parts; three, pressing, unloading, and ejecting parts mainly include unloading plates, ejectors, pneumatic ejecting devices and other parts; four, guide parts include guide posts, guide sleeves, guide plates, etc. 5. Support parts include Parts such as upper and lower templates and fixed plates of convex and concave molds. 6. Fastening parts include hexagon socket screws and discharge screws. 7. Cushioning parts include discharge springs, polyurethane rubber and ammonia cylinders. 8. Safety parts and other auxiliary parts. The parts mainly include safety side pins, safety screws, work limiters, storage limiters, loading and unloading racks, waste chutes, lifting rods, lifting lugs, etc.; safety side pins are mainly used to prevent the fastening screws of the upper mold pressing plate from loosening Or break, causing the pressing plate to fall, causing significant loss of personnel and tooling; storage limiter; the main function is to prevent the elastic element of the mold from being compressed for a long time and to prevent the long-term contact of the cutting edge from affecting the life of the cutting edge; work limiter; main The function is to limit the penetration depth of the convex and concave molds; Recommended article: How to solve the problem of wrinkling of stamping parts? Previous post: What are the processing techniques for automotive stamping parts?
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