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What are the contact shrapnel common failure reasons

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Contact the service life of the shrapnel are generally longer, some contact shrapnel life up to 1 million times. To share with you: contact shrapnel fails, usually what are the reasons? Contact shrapnel common failure situation is as follows: over travel: hand by shrapnel, for example, schedule is not controlled, is likely to cause destruction over travel and shrapnel. Overpressure: such as hand by shrapnel, pressure is not controlled, load may exceed normal shrapnel preset pressure value, is likely to cause destruction over travel and shrapnel. Crushed excessive: with sharp objects, or shrapnel cut nails. Too much contact: contact design is unreasonable, cause there is no contact with shrapnel good, affect the normal use shrapnel. Promptly contact imbalance: promptly placed around the imbalance. Poor contact: reasonable installation of shrapnel, pay attention to let shrapnel reserved space. Resistance: shrapnel resistance value is fixed, such as stainless steel is less than 100 ohms, nickel plating, less than 1 ohm, gold-plated less than 0. One ohm. Here to remind everybody, the usual bad habits will affect the service life of metal shrapnel, this believe everyone understand understand. So in daily use application of metal shrapnel what problem should note? When using contact shrapnel, pay attention to rational use, refer to the following methods: contact shrapnel contact: size must be used together with shrapnel, or the size of the contact with shrapnel matching, avoid to cause excessive pressure shrapnel injuries. Overpressure: all shrapnel have preset positive pressure values, such as pressure, resulting in destruction shrapnel. Over travel: use most shrapnel are based on graphic design, special type design according to customer requirements, the contact point can be placed below the surface. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of contact shrapnel, each product test result is stable, good performance. Team do their best in the actual production of the precision stamping industry accumulated experience for many years, but hard to overcome. Actively participate in customer product precision hardware preliminary design, to ensure that shorten new product development cycle and optimize the production cost of products.
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