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What are the drawing characteristics of large-scale curved drawing parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
What are the deformation characteristics of large curved surface drawing parts? Stamping parts processing manufacturers take you to take a look; 1. The deformation characteristics of large curved parts are: the periphery is deep drawing, the interior has swelling components, the surface shape is supplemented by the external material of the pressing surface, and the interior is extended by the material To meet the requirements of bulging. 2. Due to the different drawing depths, complex shapes, and uneven distribution around the deformation of large-scale curved drawing parts, it is important to control the flow direction and flow rate of the material, and the parts of large-scale curved drawing parts are also prone to wrinkles and Cracking; 3. Large-scale curved deep drawing parts not only require a certain drawing force, but also have sufficient blank holder force during the drawing process. For the larger contour size and deep space curved surface, the deformation force used And the blank holder force is also relatively large; recommended article: What treatments are generally done on the surface of metal stamping parts? Previous post: In the metal stamping mold, the drawing mold is a more difficult mold
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