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What are the factors affecting high precision stamping precision

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Stamping plant for processing precision stamping parts, precision sometimes appeared deviation, the deviation with what? Factors affected the accuracy of precision stamping and punching net are: mold size, the influence of precision stamping parts in forming with the instinct of elastic recovery, the elastic deformation of mould pressing produce the phenomenon such as temperature, mesh and mould size has a deviation, can affect to the artifacts in the stamping process. Mould involution, the influence of high speed punch often work put the slider cavities and to have a guide pin module makes to keep the accuracy of heart, if without strong guide pin is difficult to maintain accuracy, unstable guide pin can make the mould involution of improper causing artifacts inside, the center is not straight and curved. Punch the influence of its accuracy, high speed punch fuselage, countertops, slider structure and forging mould can produce changes in the elastic deformation. And the elastic deformation of high-speed punch and die bias slider for punching equipment precision (bottom dead center position Known as the dynamic accuracy of punch load) , determine the product at the bottom of the workpiece thickness, the thickness of the flange forging processing precision, etc. Determine the accuracy of precision metal stamping parts of three factors: the size of the mold, mold involution, precision punching machine.
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