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What are the factors that determine the quality of metal plating products


The quality of metal plating directly affects the overall appearance and function of the product. Factors affecting the quality of metal plating include internal factors of the plating substrate and plating processing environment. Therefore, it is necessary to have a more comprehensive understanding of some factors affecting metal plating. The external factors affecting the quality of plating are also among them. It is necessary to strictly control each processing flow in order to obtain electroplating products with excellent product quality.

The bonding adhesion, anti-corrosion performance and appearance quality between the electroplated surface and the substrate are directly expressed, and the surface treatment of the electroplated parts has a direct relationship. An intermediate barrier in which the plating solution is in full contact with the plated substrate is unlikely to form a qualified plating layer. Electroplating processing manufacturers do the pre-treatment of the workpiece, which is the most direct decision to obtain good product results in the entire electroplating process.

The precise control of the electroplating process directly affects the quality of the film. In order to obtain a high-quality coating, the process conditions of the technology for controlling the electroplated materials can be mastered and matched. Strict control process conditions such as temperature, current, and plating time must match. Each factor complements each other and restricts each other. Only the long-term accumulation of electroplating technology can precipitate the production technology of the product. Therefore, the process conditions cannot be well mastered, and the plating quality defect rate will directly affect the quality of the plating product.

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