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What are the factors to consider stamping design?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
No matter what, what kind of work, we will have a demand analysis, achieve the result of what we need to do product? So what we should have corresponding product and process requirements, let the author of the hardware simple explain for everybody. Stamping parts design must follow simple appearance, reasonable structure process simple. Assembly and convenient maintenance, in addition to the use of the product and the technical function. In the process of design as far as possible to consider more for the life of the product. As far as possible to save raw materials, do try to be within the range allowed zero wear and tear. We has a very wide range of stamping parts currently applied in the field of automobile, so we have high requirements about the quality of the stamping parts, auto parts enterprises must to do to get TS16949 certification industry. Our hardware has a design team, exquisite technology, perfect after-sales service system, choose us, not wrong!
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