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What are the general steps for CNC custom machining?


Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co.,Ltd specializes in high-quality cnc customized processing services. The processing fields involved are very broad. The processing business includes CNC lathes, milling machines, machining centers and turning and milling composites. Many companies need to carry out product development. Sample production and small batch trial production, which requires the use of cnc custom processing, manufacturers in the face of such customized parts processing will take what steps to make the program? Take a look:


1. Analyze the drawings of the parts

Knowing the purpose, performance and working conditions of the product, the location, function and technical requirements of the part in the product are clearly defined, which is the basis of CNC machining.


2. Review processing technology

Process review is related to the accuracy and quality of product processing. It is necessary to review the dimensions, views and technical integrity of the drawings to analyze whether the technical requirements are scientific, reasonable and appropriate.


3. Establish which rough material to use

The basis for determining the blank is mainly the role of the part in the product, the structural characteristics and dimensions of the part itself, the process characteristics of the part material, and the production batch size of the part. The types of blanks that are often used are castings, forgings, weldments, stampings and profiles.


4. Initially drafting the CNC processing route

Mainly include: selection of positioning criteria, determination of processing methods, scheduling of processing and scheduling of heat treatment, inspection and other processes.


E. Determine the machine tools and process equipment required for each process

Process equipment includes fixtures, tools, gauges, and accessories. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of parts processing, it is compatible with the production batch and production cycle. It is recommended to prioritize the use of standardized process equipment and make full use of existing conditions in order to reduce production preparation costs. For special machine tools or group equipment that must be modified or redesigned, a design task book should be presented based on the economic analysis.


5, determine the machining allowance for each process, calculate the process size and tolerance


6, determine the amount of cutting


Principle: to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the parts, to maximize the cutting performance of the tool, to ensure a reasonable tool durability; and to maximize the performance of the machine to maximize productivity and reduce costs.


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