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What are the general treatments on the surface of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
After the stamping parts processing plant finishes processing the metal stamping parts, the surface will generally be treated to avoid oxidation in a limited time. The surface of the metal stamping parts will generally be processed as follows: 1. Surface polishing; surface polishing Processing is generally used in daily necessities. Through the surface burr treatment of metal stamping parts, for example, some metal stamping parts have sharp corners. For such stamping parts, we generally need to polish them to sharpen the corners. Part to be polished into a smooth face; 2. Spray paint processing; when the general metal stamping parts processing plants produce large hardware products, most of them use spray paint processing, and use the hardware through spray paint processing to avoid rusting, such as daily necessities and Electrical enclosures, etc.; 3. Electroplating; Electroplating is also the most extensive processing technology in the processing of metal stamping parts. By electroplating the surface of metal stamping parts, it can ensure that the product will not be mildewed and rusted under long-term use, generally like screws and metal stamping Electroplating will be used for parts, batteries, car parts, etc.; Recommended article: Gap of drawing die used by stamping parts processing plant Previous: Gap of drawing die used by stamping parts processing plant
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