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What are the inspection standards for metal stamping parts?


Metal stamping parts are widely used in all aspects of our lives, and their requirements are getting higher and higher. It is necessary to have some inspection standards for metal stamping parts to ensure the quality and stability of stamping parts. Next, Xiaobian Yiwei will introduce the inspection standards of metal stamping parts to you.

1. Parts Inspection Guidance (Standard) Book

Simple metal stamping parts can be inspected by comparing the various sizes marked in the drawings, followed by the use of various measuring instruments, such as tape measures, calipers, pass and stop gauges, etc. In addition, pay attention to some important tolerances marked on the drawings, and whether the tolerance range is consistent with the drawings. For some high-precision products, the tolerance requirements are strict.


2. Samples of metal stamping parts

For some parts without inspection tools but with complex shapes that cannot be expressed in 2D drawings. A quadratic circle test can be used. The sign board is a very intuitive reference. It can be seen whether the structure is qualified, the surface treatment, and the cutting edge.

3. Excellent quality of metal stamping parts

The adaptability of the metal stamping material to the stamping forming process becomes the stamping forming performance of the sheet metal, which includes: crack resistance, mold fit and shapeability.

 1) Crack resistance refers to the ability of stamping materials to resist cracking, which is generally measured by parameters such as forming limit;

 2) Mold fit refers to the ability of the sheet to achieve consistency with the shape of the mold during stamping;

 3) Formability refers to the ability of a part to maintain its shape in the mold after demolding. It is obvious that the higher the forming limit, the better the mold fit and settability, the better the stamping formability of the material.


4. Special inspection tool for metal stamping parts

The special inspection tool for metal stamping parts should be based on the actual situation of the parts, and it needs to be used skillfully.

The above are the inspection standards for metal stamping parts. For products with extremely high requirements, Dongguan Fortuna has specially developed automatic visual inspection equipment for quality inspection. Automated visual inspection equipment can detect 100% of the product, and the internal high-resolution dedicated camera can detect the product from all dimensions to determine whether the product meets the standard. This can achieve the goal of maximum inspection efficiency while ensuring 100% reliable component quality.

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