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What are the layout methods of precision stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-04-23
Focusing on precision stamping for 30 years, Dongguan Precision specializes in customizing precision shrapnel, precision terminals, and various precision stamping parts. Mainly for high-tech companies such as smart digital, new energy vehicles and other high-tech enterprises to do the mass production of difficult precision hardware, and have long-term cooperation with many industry giants such as Volkswagen, Amphenol, Jinlong Electromechanical and so on. According to the degree of material utilization, the layout of precision stamping parts can be divided into three types: waste layout, less waste layout, and no waste layout. Layout with waste: punching along all contour lines of the workpiece, there is residual material between the workpiece and the workpiece, and between the workpiece and the strip. Because of punching along the closed contour of the blanking part, the quality of the blanking part and die life will be higher, but the utilization rate of the material is low. Layout with less waste: Cut or punch along the contour line of part of the workpiece, and there are only overlaps between the workpiece and the workpiece, and between the side of the workpiece and the strip. The blanking of this nesting method is only carried out along part of the contour of the workpiece, which is affected by the quality of the cutting strip and positioning and errors. The quality of the cutting is slightly worse, but the material utilization rate can reach 70% to 90%. No waste layout: There is no overlap between the blanking part and the blanking part, and between the blanking part and the side of the strip. The blanking part is actually obtained directly by cutting the strip, and the material utilization rate can be Up to 85%-90%. However, this layout method will make the quality of the cut piece slightly worse. The three layout methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, so in the layout design of precision metal stamping parts, the advantages and disadvantages should be fully weighed. The precision metal stamping factory has been focusing on precision mold design, mold making, and stamping processing of the connector terminal shells of computers, mobile phones, consumer electronics, automobiles and other precision stamping services! I wish you all a prosperous business and all the best. If you want to know more about it, you can scan the QR code below and follow the official account. , Committed to the world's most professional precision stamping processing plant for electronic parts
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