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What are the main features of metal stamping parts?


Metal stamping parts are metal parts with certain shape, size and performance formed by stamping process. They are widely used and have broad market demand. What are the main features of metal stamping parts, do you know? Dongguan Fortuna Metals, a metal stamping manufacturer, has more than 20 years of experience in processing and customization, and will show you.


1. Stamping can process parts with thin wall, light weight, complex shape, good surface quality and good rigidity.


2. Save material


There can be minimal or no waste, and in some cases even edges and corners can be fully utilized and made into other forms of parts to avoid waste.


3. The product has good interchangeability


The dimensional tolerance of metal stamping parts is guaranteed by the mold, has the same characteristics, and generally does not require further processing, so the processing of the same product has high dimensional accuracy, good consistency, and good interchangeability.


4. High production efficiency


Metal stamping processing with ordinary presses can reach dozens of pieces per minute; production with high-speed presses can reach hundreds or thousands of pieces per minute, which is suitable for larger batch production.


5. Simple operation, easy to organize production, easy to realize mechanization and automation.


6. Metal stamping has high production efficiency, high material utilization rate and low production cost.

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