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What are the main manifestations of the development of stamping parts processing technology and molds?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
With the continuous advancement of technology and the rapid development of industry, stamping parts processing technology and die technology are constantly innovating and developing; mainly in the following aspects: 1. In-depth research on technology and materials, and expanding application research on stamping parts processing technology Develop better and better stamping materials and die materials, continue to improve and develop stamping materials with good stamping performance, develop and improve stamping forming processes and theories, to better guide production practices and improve production processes , Improve the quality and productivity of stamping parts; Improve the service life of molds, adopt new mold materials and new heat treatment processes; 2. Use modern process analysis and calculation methods. For example, using limited deformation elastoplastic finite element method, computer simulation of stress and strain analysis of the forming process of complex formed parts (such as automobile cover parts) is used to predict the possibility of forming parts and the problems that may occur in a certain process plan. The results are displayed on the graphic terminal for the stamping and processing designers to modify and select. This not only saves mold trial production costs and shortens the trial production cycle of new products, but also gradually establishes a set of advanced design methods that can be combined with actual production. It not only promotes the development of stamping technology, but also strengthens the guiding role of plastic forming theory in production practice. . Through finite element method simulation stamping process analysis, combined with the actual experience of engineers and technicians, you can often get twice the result with half the effort. At present, the most widely used stamping finite element simulation software includes AutoFORM, FASTFORM, DynaFORM and so on. 3. Promote the application of computer-aided design and manufacturing of modern molds, adopt CAD/CAM/CAE for product and mold design, manufacturing and forming process analysis, and finally realize the integration of mold CAD/CAM/CAE. At present, some domestic enterprises have carried out the secondary development of the imported software, which has been gradually applied to mold production. The application of this technology can not only shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, but also improve the quality of the mold, reduce the repetitive work of design and manufacturing personnel, and enable designers to focus on innovation and development. 4. Strengthen the research and application of modern automatic stamping processing system controlled by computer, so that stamping production can reach a high degree of mechanization and automation, thereby reducing labor intensity and increasing productivity. In order to meet the needs of rapid product upgrading and small batch production, some new forming processes have been developed, such as simple molds (soft molds and low melting point alloy molds, etc.), CNC stamping equipment and stamping flexible manufacturing technology (FMS), rapid prototyping and Rapid tooling, etc. In this way, it can be produced to meet the processing needs of multi-variety, small-batch stamping parts. 5. Further improve the standardization of stamping dies, which will help improve the efficiency of mold manufacturing, reduce mold costs, and shorten mold manufacturing cycles. At present, the standardization degree of domestic molds has reached a certain scale. Many large and professional standard parts manufacturers such as Panqi Industry Co., Ltd. and Misumi can provide a variety of mold parts with good quality and high precision (including standard parts). Parts and non-standard parts). Article recommendation: What are the manufacturability of the materials used to make metal stamping molds? Previous: What are the factors related to the durability of stamping molds?
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