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What are the main relay

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
What is a relay, and what is the function of relay. Relay ( English name: relay) Is a kind of electric control device, is that when the input ( Incentive amount) Changes to specified requirements, make the accused in the electrical output circuit in a predetermined amount of step change of a kind of electrical appliances. It has a control system ( Also called input circuit) And control system ( Is also called the output circuit) The interaction between. Usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually with a small current to control large current operation of a 'automatic switch. In a circuit plays an automatic adjustment, safety protection, conversion circuit, and so on. Main effect of relay relay with isolation function is automatic switch components, are widely used in remote control, remote sensing, communication, automatic control, mechanical and electrical integration and power electronic devices, is one of the most important control element. Relay usually have can reflect a certain input variables ( Such as current, voltage, power, impedance, frequency, temperature, pressure, speed, light, etc. ) The induction of institutions ( Input part) ; To be 'pass' and 'off' control circuit control actuator ( The output part) ; In relay between input and output part, and the input coupling isolation, functions and the output part of the drive in the middle of the body ( Drive part) 。 As a control element, in summary, relay has the following several works: 1) Expanding the scope of the control: for example, multiple contact relay control signal reaches a certain value, can according to different forms of contact group, and at the same time, open circuit, multi-channel circuit is connected. 2) Zoom: for example, sensitive type relay, intermediate relay, etc. , with a very small amount of control, can control the circuit of large power. 3) Integrated signal: for example, when more than one control signal according to the rules in the form of input more winding relay, after a more comprehensive, to the expected control effect. 4) Automatic, remote control, monitoring, for example, automatic device of relay and other electric equipment together, can form the program control circuit, so as to realize automatic operation.
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