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What are the material performance car metal stamping parts required?

by:Fortuna     2020-04-16
A growing number of cars, the material performance requirements of automotive stamping parts? Different parts of the automobile stamping material performance is also different, but a lot of friends don't know, so small make up will give you a brief introduction. 1. The appearance of passenger car parts material performance requirements of auto parts is not too complex, most of the roll forming process, the material formability, stiffness, corrosion resistance and weldability has certain requirements, generally choose appearance performance and good weldability of high strength steel plate, general strength grade is 300 - 600 mpa of high strength steel plate and fin. E grain steel. 2. Automobile cabin parts material performance requirements are mostly covered car cabin parts, complex shape, forming a complex, but not force, USES the mould forming process, the formability of materials has become the main contradiction, therefore requires material formability, stretching and stiffness, ductility and concave resistance, weldability and corrosion resistance performance. TC…… In product design, usually according to the stress and the shape complexity of panel to select the varieties of steel. In general use good ductility of low carbon cold rolled steel and low carbon cold rolled steel sheet. In recent years, high phosphorus cold-rolled steel, common high strength cold-rolled steel sheet, cold rolled dual phase steel, ultra-low carbon cold rolled steel sheet bake hardening, high strength steel plate cold rolled steel varieties such as coating, welding steel plate and lifting materials have excellent formability and high phosphorus content. EL plate, etc. , are widely used in the car door, door plank, the reinforcing plate, roof cover, luggage cover plate and the vehicle body parts such as bumpers. 3. Automobile chassis parts material performance requirements frame, car plate and some components is important to support and connection socket, adopting the mould forming process, materials with high strength and good plasticity, impact and fatigue durability, energy absorption capacity and weldability, etc. , generally choose good formability of high strength steel plate, superfine composite materials. AIN steel ( Strength grade is 300 - 610 million mpa) And ultra high strength steel ( Strength grade is 610 - 1 billion mpa) 。 Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, brazing processing link: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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