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What are the original materials prepared by the stamping parts processing plant during mold design?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Before stamping parts are processed, it is necessary to design corresponding stamping dies. Designing stamping dies has a great influence on the quality and efficiency of the future production of metal stamping parts. The original data of mold design is an indispensable technical preparation before mold design. Only by fully understanding and earnestly studying the original data of mold design can it be possible to better engage in the work of mold design. Then, when stamping parts processing plants design the mold, what are the original data needed? Let's take a look below; 1. Product convexity of stamping parts. Product convexity is the basic basis of mold design. The designer can select the specific structure of the mold according to the requirements of the part shape, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other requirements specified in the product drawing to determine the mold Production accuracy; 2. Stamping process card; the designer can determine the number of molds and mold types according to the process card; 3. Production batch; The production batch size provides a basis for determining the type of mold structure, so as to determine whether to use a simple mold structure or a relatively Complex mold structure; 4. Types and specifications of stamping equipment, which are the basis for stamping parts processing plants to select equipment when designing the mold, so that the mold structure meets the process performance requirements of the equipment, such as determining the unloading and ejection of the mold Methods, etc.; 5. Mold processing equipment conditions and technical level, which provide a basis for determining mold structure and mold making methods; 6. National standards for cold stamping dies, stamping die design manuals, stamping dies atlas, stamping manuals and other related materials, refer to these Technical data will help standardize mold design and maximize the absorption of mature technology and design experience at home and abroad to shorten mold design and manufacturing cycle and improve design quality; article recommendation: stamping parts processing technology and mold development, mainly What's the performance? Previous post: What are the main manifestations of the development of stamping parts processing technology and molds?
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