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What are the parts of the stamping die?

What are the parts of the stamping die?


Metal stamping parts are metal parts that are produced and processed by punching machines and stamping dies. Stamping dies are very important for the processing of metal stamping parts. So in this article, let's first understand what parts are made of general stamping dies, and what are their functions?

There are various parts that make up the mold, which are divided into upper mold and lower mold. The upper die is generally fixed on the sliding block of the press through the die handle, and moves up and down along the guide rail of the press together with the sliding block, and the lower die is fixed on the working table of the press.

1. Working parts

It is a part that is in direct contact with the stamping material and applies pressure to it to complete the stamping process. The working parts of the die include punch, die and punch and die, also known as forming parts, which are particularly important parts in the die.

2. Locate parts

It is a part that determines the correct position of the material or process part in the die, so that the stamping part can obtain qualified quality requirements. The positioning parts that belong to the feeding guide include guide pins, guide plates, and side pressure plates; The positioning parts of the process parts include positioning pins, positioning plates, etc.

3. Pressing and unloading parts

This type of parts acts as a pressing material, and ensures that the scraps or stamping parts stuck on the punch and the cavity of the die are removed or pushed (ejected) out, so as to ensure that the stamping work can continue.

The function of the blanking plate is to prevent the billet from moving and bouncing. The function of the stripper plate is to facilitate the removal of pieces and the cleaning of waste. Usually, the unloading device refers to the removal of stamping parts or scraps from the punch; the pusher and ejector devices refer to the unloading of stamping parts or scraps from the die. Generally, what is installed in the upper mold is called a push piece; what is installed in the lower mold is called a top piece.

4. Guide parts

Its main function is to ensure the accuracy of the mutual position between the punch and the die, and to ensure that each part of the die maintains a good motion state, which is composed of guide posts, guide sleeves, and guide plates.

5. Support parts

It connects and fixes the above-mentioned various parts on certain parts, or connects the die with the press, which is the basic part of the die. It mainly includes upper die base, lower die base, fixed plate, backing plate, die handle, etc.

6. Fastening parts

It is mainly used to fasten and connect various die parts, such as various bolts, screws, round pins, etc.

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