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What are the precautions for custom stamping materials in processing-hardware

by:Fortuna     2021-03-15
The materials selected for custom stamping parts are determined according to the performance of their products. Before selecting materials, designers should analyze the properties of the materials, the mechanics of stamping, the thickness tolerance of the materials and the surface quality. Xiaoshuo organizes a few points for your reference: 1. The selected materials meet the requirements and performance of their products. For electronic products, metals with fast heat dissipation are used, and aluminum alloys are mostly used. For materials with high electrical conductivity, copper is generally selected. 2. Understanding the characteristics of the material is also the key. For example, if the customized stamping parts are shrapnel type, you need to choose some materials with high resilience performance, such as stainless steel, such as 65 manganese, such as beryllium copper for heat treatment. 3. If it is some customized stamping parts that need to be stretched, some materials with high plasticity and low hardness should be selected, and the thickness of the material should also be analyzed. 4. The selected raw materials should ensure that the surface is in good condition, so as to facilitate the appearance requirements of some products that require post-processing. Dongguan Hardware Co., Ltd. has 15 years of experience in custom stamping parts and has 1,300 skilled experience in more than 20 industries. The monthly processing capacity of 100+ sets of molds, the daily production capacity of 3 million strokes. Solve your time problems, solve your precision problems, solve your mass production and quality problems. Choose, choose to rest assured.
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