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What are the precision stamping parts manufacturers in Shenzhen

by:Fortuna     2021-05-01
Shenzhen Huakunhui Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a professional manufacturer of comprehensive precision metal stamping, machining and sheet metal die-casting processing and manufacturing. It has senior engineers and senior technical personnel with training Well-known professional team. We have a variety of precision punches, largest punches, high-speed punches, stamping, die-casting and other related processing equipment. We can design and manufacture various specifications of metal lathe parts, stamping parts, sheet metal die-casting products and processing accessories according to customer needs. Have a complete surface treatment supporting services. Shenzhen Jingyixin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and excellent engineering personnel. It is a professional furniture hardware accessories manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. The company has established high quality and high The business strategy and purpose of efficiency and sincere service, the products from mold opening, die-casting, polishing, electroplating, packaging, each process and procedure are expected to be refined and refined, so that the products will strive to achieve perfection and outstanding. We sincerely create inexpensive and exquisite hardware products for you.
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