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What are the principles of stamping equipment selection for stamping parts processing plants?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The selection of the type of stamping equipment used in the stamping parts processing plant should be based on the process nature of the process to be completed, the size of the production batch, the geometric size of the workpiece and the accuracy requirements, etc. The type of equipment should be selected according to the following principles: 1. Stamping In the production of small and medium-sized and blanked parts, bent parts or deep-drawn parts, parts processing plants mostly use open crank presses; 2. Stamping parts processing plants often use open crank presses in the production of large and medium-sized and high-precision stamping parts. Closed crank press is used; 3. In the production of large deep drawing parts, stamping parts processing plants mostly use closed double-acting drawing presses with upper transmission type, which are used in small and medium-sized drawing parts (especially aluminum products, enamel). In the production of deep-drawing and forming of products, bottom-drive double-action deep-drawing presses are often used; 4. For mass production of complex-shaped parts, multi-station automatic presses should be preferred. For the mass production of blanking and punching parts, high-speed automatic presses should be used; 5. For small batch production, especially the production of large thick plate stamping parts, hydraulic presses are mostly used. Mainly used for bending, deep drawing, forming and other processes; 6. For the correction bending, leveling and correction processes, the press is required to have sufficient rigidity, and the precision press should be preferred; when the production batch is not large, the friction press can be considered ; If a crank press is used to complete the above process, the closing height of the press and the thickness tolerance of the stamping material must be strictly controlled to prevent damage to the equipment; 7. For the fine blanking process, it should generally be carried out on a dedicated multi-action fine blanking press. When finishing the fine blanking process on ordinary crank presses and hydraulic presses, it is necessary to add a blanking system and a back pressure system to the equipment or mold; recommended article: What is the manufacturability of stamping parts? Previous post: Manufacturing conditions and technical level of metal stamping parts
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