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What are the production costs of stamping parts in a stamping parts processing plant?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The production cost of stamping parts processing plant includes the following aspects; let’s take a look at it below; 1. Stamping parts materials 1. Production raw materials 2. Auxiliary materials 3. Scrap rate 2. Stamping parts processing plant staff wages 1. Production workers wages 2. Auxiliary workers; including air compressor workers, crane workers, forklift workers, inspectors, warehouse foremen, etc.; 3. Wages of adjustment workers and mold repairers 4. Wage surcharges 4. Mold costs used by stamping parts processing plants (including Mold manufacturing costs, maintenance costs) 5. Equipment depreciation costs 6. Equipment maintenance costs 7. Stamping parts processing plant depreciation and maintenance costs (production workshops and warehouses, etc.) 8. Power costs; 9. Management costs; including technical staff wages, Management staff salaries, office expenses, hospitality and gifts, labor protection, employee benefits, bonuses, etc.; 10. Capital cost 11. Packaging and transportation expenses 12. Other factors; Recommended article: How do manufacturers inspect metal stamping parts when they receive materials? Previous post: Process characteristics of titanium stamping parts processing
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