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What are the public supporting facilities in the stamping production workshop?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Before configuring hardware processing equipment, stamping parts processing manufacturers also need to fully design the public power supporting facilities in the factory. The public supporting facilities of the metal stamping production workshop generally include water, electricity, gas and other required equipment. In addition, according to the needs of the project, Choose whether to install air supply, heating, dehumidification and other equipment and facilities; 1. Circulating cooling water; the circulating cooling water used in the stamping parts processing workshop is mainly used for press equipment. The inlet water temperature is 32°C, the outlet water temperature is 37°C, and soft water is required. Or pure water to prevent scaling damage to the equipment; 2. The main energy used in the stamping production workshop is electricity, and the main area of u200bu200bits use is concentrated in the automatic stamping line and the uncoiling blanking line, so when the workshop transformer is arranged, It should be as close to the equipment as possible; 3. Compressed air, the air points in the stamping workshop are mainly stamping equipment, mold maintenance, hardware stamping parts maintenance and other areas. The compressed air requirement is: the air source pressure is 6bar, and the oil content in the compressed air is 25mg/m3, the particle diameter is 40μm, the particle content is 10mg/m3.4. In order to prevent the stamping parts from rusting, the workshop also needs to control the indoor humidity within 65%, and the workshop must ensure a clean environment and strictly control during production. The amount of dust in the air, etc.; article recommendation: several problems that large-scale stamping parts processing plants will face in production
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