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What are the reasonable blanking gaps for precision stamping parts? Understand in one minute

by:Fortuna     2021-04-22
The dimensional accuracy of precision stamping products determines the quality and cost of the mold, and the quality of the section of precision stamping parts is an important indicator of product dimensional accuracy. The section of precision stamping parts can be divided into four parts: collapse, bright, fracture, and burr. The size of the bright band in the section is the guarantee of dimensional accuracy. The main factor that affects the quality of the section quality of precision stamping parts is the blanking gap. Practice has proved that when the blanking gap of the stamping part is too large, the quality of the blanking section is 'large burrs, serious collapse angle, larger fracture zone, and bright band deviation. 'SmallWhen the blanking gap is too small, the quality of the section displayed is 'decreased burrs, decreased corners, decreased fractures, and increased brightness'. The disadvantages are that the punch, the knife edge is easy to wear, and the knife jumps, which is not conducive to mass production and blanking. Increased force. Because the size of the blanking gap has opposite effects on equipment, mass production, and dimensional accuracy, no matter whether it is large or small, it cannot fully meet the actual needs. A reasonable blanking gap is particularly important, that is, to increase the blanking gap as much as possible on the premise of meeting the blanking dimensional accuracy, so as to improve mass production. Different materials have different blanking gaps, and different material thicknesses of the same material have different blanking gaps. Regarding the value of the blanking gap, each company should increase and decrease appropriately according to the actual situation of the product. [Related recommendation] Learn more: How much do you know about new energy automobile stamping parts? Learn more: Experience sharing in the stamping processing industry Learn more: How to draw a drawing of precision metal stamping parts, please understand these steps
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