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What are the reasons for the overload of the press in the processing of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Metal stamping parts processing plants, processing stainless steel stamping parts, metal stamping parts, precision stamping parts, etc. In the metal stamping press, the press may be overloaded when it is working. What is going on? 1. There are many reasons for the overload, such as improper selection of the press, incorrect adjustment of the mold regulator, uneven thickness of the blank, two blanks stacked together or debris falling into the mold cavity, etc.; 2. Overload of the press may cause There are many bad effects; such as damage to the connecting rod thread, bent screw, bent or broken crankshaft, and even deformation of the fuselage. In order to prevent the press from overloading, it is best to follow the overload protection device on the press. The commonly used overload protection devices are: 1. collapse block protection device 2. hydraulic overload protection device 3. large-scale presses of automobile companies are all hydraulic Overload protection device (hydraulic cushion). The hydraulic cushion is closed with high-pressure oil, which lifts the connecting rod support seat in the hydraulic cushion. When the press is overloaded, the oil pressure in the hydraulic cushion rises, causing the unloading valve spool to act, and the high-pressure oil in the hydraulic cushion Drain back to the fuel tank, and the press can be quickly unloaded. Article recommendation: What are the commonly used stamping materials for stamping parts processing plants? Previous post: What are the commonly used stamping materials for stamping parts processing plants?
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