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What are the requirements for drawing stamping die parts drawings?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
It is very important to design a stamping die drawing. The quality of the design directly affects the manufacturing and cost of the stamping die. So what should you pay attention to when drawing a stamping die part drawing? The stamping parts processing plant will take you to take a look; First, the view needs to be correct and sufficient; the selected view should fully and accurately represent the internal and external structure shape and size of the part, and the number of views should be the least; Second, the graphics It is necessary to draw complete; drawing the part drawing is to reflect the structure of the part, and it should provide a graphic description for the processing of the part. Non-standard parts or parts that need further processing although they are standard parts need to be drawn part drawings, although some parts are Standard parts, but still need to process leakage holes, screw through holes and pin holes on it. Third, the view of the part drawing must be arranged correctly; in order to ensure that the drawing of the part drawing is correct, it is recommended to draw the part drawing according to the assembly position, and the shaft part Draw the part drawing according to the processing position. The front view of the part on the assembly drawing reflects the structure in the thickness direction, and the top view is the structure in the original plane; 4. The dimensions must be correct, and all matching dimensions and precision requirements should be marked with tolerances. During the assembly process The size to be processed should be marked on the assembly drawing. If it must be marked on the part drawing, it should be marked next to the relevant size. When a certain margin is required for assembly, the compensation amount of the assembly chain and the required matching dimensions, tolerances and surface roughness after assembly can be marked on the part drawing. 5. All conditions and requirements that are not convenient to be represented by symbols or drawings, but must be guaranteed during manufacturing, should be indicated in the technical conditions, and the content varies with different parts, different requirements and different processing methods But different, 1. Requirements for materials, such as heat treatment method and surface hardness after heat treatment, etc.; 2. Requirements for surface treatment, surface coating and surface modification, etc.; 3. Instructions for uninjected rounding radius, individual parts The modification processing requirements, etc.; 4. Other special requirements; Article recommendation: How many steps are there in the manufacture of stamping parts cover molds? Previous post: What are the reasons for the overload of the press in the processing of metal stamping parts?
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