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What are the requirements for the shape in the design of deep drawing stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
What are the requirements for the shape of the drawing part in the design and processing, let’s take a look at it; 1. When designing the drawing part, it is necessary to indicate that the shape or inner size must be guaranteed, and the inner dimension cannot be marked at the same time. Dimensions: For deep drawing parts with steps, the dimensions in the height direction should generally be based on the bottom; 2. For semi-open and asymmetric hollow stamping parts, the design should be considered as a symmetrical (combined) drawing. Part, and then cut it into two or more parts; Third, taking into account the law of deformation in the drawing process, there is generally a phenomenon that the upper and lower wall thicknesses are not equal in the processing of deep drawing stamping parts; (that is, the upper and the lower are thinner ). Generally, the allowable range of wall thickness of deep-drawn parts is 0.6t ~1.2t. If uneven wall thickness is not allowed, it should be noted; 4. Workpieces that need to be drawn multiple times (h>0.5d) , The inner and outer walls or the flange surface of the flanged drawing parts should be allowed to exist indentation produced during the deep drawing process of stamping parts; 5. Indentation, except for special requirements on the structure, should generally try to avoid abnormalities Deep drawn parts with complex and asymmetrical shapes; 6. The mouth of the deep drawn stamping parts should allow a slight springback, but the assembly end must be within the tolerance range; recommended article: During the debugging process of the stamping part die, you should pay attention Where? Previous: Requirements for materials and shapes of deep-drawn metal stamping parts
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