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What are the solutions for the high scrap rate of metal stamping parts manufacturers?


The high scrap rate of metal stamping parts manufacturers will increase production costs. This requires us to optimize the production process from multiple perspectives, improve the production process, provide raw material utilization, and increase quality control capabilities in combination with actual production. So what are the specific solutions, let's take a look.

1. Dongguan Fortuna stamping parts processing manufacturers analyze the reasons for the high rejection rate

(1) Materials do not meet the standards, the performance is unstable, and the dimensional tolerance is large, resulting in unqualified accuracy.

(2) The mold is not installed correctly.

(3) During the cutting process, the operator did not install the feeding positioning device.

(4) After the mold is used for a long time, the gap becomes larger and the parts are worn.

(5) During stamping, the die is subjected to excessive impact force, resulting in loosening of bolts or parts, affecting quality.

(6) The stamping personnel did not operate in accordance with the operation manual formulated by the company.

2. Solutions proposed by Dongguan Fortuna stamping manufacturers

(1) When purchasing raw materials, it is necessary to strictly follow the production standards. If the factory conditions permit, the steel composition, surface roughness and dimensional accuracy should be tested, and qualified raw materials are the premise to ensure the quality of stamping parts. When purchasing raw materials, choose a regular steel dealer or choose from a large steel mill.

(2) After designing the stamping process, the stamping workers must strictly abide by the process regulations during the operation. Each stamped product has a different stamping process, which requires managers to formulate a specific product before processing the product.

(3) The punches and stamping dies used in the factory should always be in stable operation and should be regularly maintained and overhauled.

(4) Formulate a complete quality inspection charter. The first batch of products should undergo full/surface testing before formal production, and sample testing should be carried out regularly during the production process.

(5) Use appropriate tools for feeding to avoid scratching the product.

(6) When stamping, pay attention to keep the mold clean, and the workpieces and raw materials in the workshop should be placed in an orderly manner.

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