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What are the stamping blank design method

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Design in the work of production has been occupied a very important role, it must be all easy to understand. For stamping parts, the same is true. In the practical work, to the design of the stamping blank, can use different methods to complete. At present there are four kinds of commonly used method, below we have for each of the different methods for detailed instructions, hope to help. The first kind of method is called the slip line method. If using this method, however, the premise of need to meet certain conditions. About the slip line method is this: the basic hypothesis of the thickness of the sheet metal flange remains the same, and maintain in plane strain state, isotropic material, no hardening, at the same time for the influence of friction is neglected. However, due to stamping on the slip line method in the calculation is quite complicated, so has the certain difficulty on promotion. The second method is called the geometric mapping method, this method is also under the condition of hypothesis. When we ignore the deforming force and stress - Strain relation and boundary friction conditions, coupled with some assumptions implementation artifacts to blank map. In this study, we found that the stamping geometric mapping will affected by discrete precision. And to determine the reasonable discrete precision, also for computer calculation speed and accuracy have influence. The third is experience method. This method is easy to understand, simply put, we come from a previous case to find some experience in machining, this method is mainly used in shape simpler developable stamping parts, such as rotating shape parts, bending parts, etc. In general, this method has certain deviation on precision, because of a lot of factors need to be taken into account. Another is called simulation method, relatively speaking, this method is more. When using this method, but also needs certain assumptions, at the same time, combined with some physical problems, mathematical description of similarity through mathematical similarity theory, and then develop a model to simulate the sheet metal flange metal flow, thus processing stampings.
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