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What are the structural forms of the roller punch feeder? How does it work? What are the characteristics and uses?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
The roller punch feeder has two forms: single side roller type and double side roller type. Figure 1 shows a single-sided roll punch feeder, and Figure 2 shows a double-sided roll punch feeder. In the figure, one end of the crankshaft 2 is equipped with an eccentric disk 4, and the eccentric disk drives the connecting rod 1 to reciprocate when the crankshaft rotates. And through the overrunning clutch 7, the lower roller 6 is driven to make an intermittent rotation movement, so that the material between the upper roller 5 and the lower roller 6 is driven and fed. The double-sided roller punch feeder has two sets of feeding rollers, and the two sets of rollers are connected by tie rods to maintain synchronous action. They are arranged on both sides of the die, one for pushing and the other for pulling, suitable for feeding strips. Most of the single-side roll punch feeder adopts the push method. When the material is very thin, in order to prevent the material from arching when being fed, the material pulling method is also used. The roller punch feeder adjusts the feeding distance of the sheet material by adjusting the eccentric distance of the eccentric wheel. When the mold has a fine positioning device (such as a guide pin), in order to make the fine positioning device work properly, the upper roller must have a pick-up action before the upper die and the lower die are matched to expand the distance between the two rollers and keep the material in Free state. The characteristics of the roller punch feeder are: high feeding speed and large step distance, but the material thickness change has a greater influence on the feeding. It is suitable for thin materials and stamping processing with precision positioning devices. Previous post: Methods and steps for installing and debugging stamping and drawing dies on a double-action punch
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