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What are the technical requirements of metal stamping parts customers?

What are the technical requirements of metal stamping parts customers?


With the development of society, metal stamping parts of various materials have been popularized in all walks of life. For stamping processing plants, some technical requirements need to be met in the processing and production of stamping parts. Dongguan Fortuna has been engaged in customized processing services for precision stamping parts for nearly 20 years, and summarized the following technical requirements for your reference.


1. The shape and size of the stamping parts need to comply with the product drawings and technical documents of the stamping parts;

2. The surface quality requirements of stamping parts should be consistent with the plates used;

3. In the forming process, under the premise of not affecting the next process and the required quality, slight fluffing and small surface unevenness are allowed.

4. Stamping parts that have been punched or stamped generally have burrs, and the allowable height of burrs can be controlled according to the provisions of "Burr Height of Stamping Parts";

5. Punching conditions are generally not specified;

6. After stamping, forming and welding, stamped parts usually do not undergo heat treatment;

7. The supply of stamping parts should ensure that its quality meets the stamping product drawings, inspection cards and rust prevention requirements; at least 15 days of rust prevention time should be guaranteed in the factory;

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