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What are the three major elements in stamping parts processing?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
For stamping parts processing, the blanks are mainly plates, strips, pipes and other profiles. The stamping equipment is used to process the required part shape and size through the function of stamping dies; the three major elements in stamping parts processing are materials , Moulds and equipment; in the processing of stamping parts, the material is required to have higher plasticity and toughness, lower yield ratio and aging sensitivity, etc.; generally, the elongation of carbon steel is required to be σ≥16%. Yield ratio σs/σb≤70%, low-alloy high-strength steel σ≥14%, σs/σb≤80%, otherwise, the stamping performance will be poor; die is the main process equipment in stamping parts processing. The surface quality, dimensional tolerances, productivity of metal stamping parts and the economic benefits of stamping parts processing manufacturers have a great relationship with the mold structure and reasonable design; stamping parts processing equipment mainly includes mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. In the production of parts, high-speed presses or multi-station automatic presses should be used as much as possible. In the production of small batches, especially the production of large thick plate stamping parts, most of them use hydraulic presses; article recommendation: the use process of metal stamping parts mold What are the operating rules to be followed in? Previous post:Several problems that large stamping parts processing plants will face in production
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