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What are the types of stamping parts processing technology?

What are the types of stamping parts processing technology?


The processing technology of stamping parts mainly includes punching, bending and stretching. These processes are widely used and involve all aspects of our daily life. A good stamping process can achieve the purpose of saving materials, improving mold life, product quality and production efficiency. Next, the editor of Dongguan Fortuna will introduce these three processes.

1. Drawing process;

The fillet half length R of the boss and the side wall of the stamping and drawing parts and the fillet R of the bottom end and the side wall should be as large as possible. It should be as symmetrical as possible or use upper and lower symmetrical stretching pieces; it is convenient to stretch in pairs and then cut into two pieces;

2. Bending process;

When bending, the deformation of the hole should be avoided. There should be a moderate distance between the hole edge and the bend to prevent the hole from being deformed. Otherwise, it must be bent first and then punched; the length of the bend is not easy to be too small; It is possible to take into account the accurate positioning of the process holes and the bending in pairs to change the bearing condition;

3. Blanking process;

The appearance should be as far as possible to enable the effective layout of raw materials and improve the utilization rate of materials. There should be moderate rounded corners where the parallel lines or curves meet to facilitate the manufacture, maintenance and application of the mold; to prevent too long slender appearance design; The diameter and hole position should be in accordance with the drawing size.

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