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What are the typical features of stamping continuous die?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
What are the typical features of stamping continuous die? Progressive dies with use of punch and edge places some form and the size of the force on the sheet metal, make the material produces plastic deformation, thus the ability to transform sheet metal parts for the product. Stamping mould continuously has the following characteristics: a. Stamping production with high efficiency. Progressive dies can complete complex parts blanking, flanging, bending, drawing, three-dimensional molding and assembly technology, reducing the intermediate transfer and repeated positioning work, number and location of increase does not affect the production efficiency, can strike a small precision parts. b。 Safe operation is simple. Continuous stamping die when the operator don't have to dig its hand deeper into the mold of the danger zone. For mass production, but also USES the automatic feeding mechanism, the mold is equipped with safety testing device. c。 Die life long. Within the complex shape and appearance can be broken down into simple punch and the blade shape, die-cutting, block of successive processes can be scattered in a number of location, in the area of process focus can also set the space, avoiding the convex, blade wall thickness is too small, change the stress state of convex and concave, increase the intensity of mould. In addition, the continuous model also USES the stripper as punch guide plate, to improve the die life is also very good d. Product quality is high. Continuous mold finish all products in a pair of mould forming process, overcome the when using a simple mold positioning operation is constant and cumulative error many times. e. The production cost is low. Progressive dies because of its complex structure, so the manufacturing cost is higher, low utilization rate of material at the same time, but as a result of continuous mould production efficiency is high, the press has less number, need the number of operators and workshop covers an area of less, reduced the storage and transport of semi-finished products, parts and products of comprehensive production cost is not high. f。 The dependence on experience to design and manufacture is difficult, strong. Continuous mode structure is complex, high technical content, design flexible, difficult; In the design and manufacturing experience, inference and visual workload, more training time is long, the difference between individuals; Same product parts can have many different design schemes, design flexibility; Design and manufacturing cycle is long, high cost, suitable for mass production. Continuous mode also being limited by the dimensions of the parts, product size shoulds not be too big.
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