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What are the typical features of the fuse terminal stamping processing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
Fuse terminal stamping process at room temperature, so also called cold stamping. Fuse terminal stamping is one of the metal pressure processing method, it is based on the theory of metal plastic deformation of material forming engineering technology, general for the sheet metal stamping processing of raw materials or materials, it is also called the sheet metal stamping. Stamping process refers to the specific methods (stamping processing The sum total of all kinds of stamping process) And technical experience; Stamping die is processed into sheet parts of special tools. Sheet metal, mold and stamping equipment is a fuse terminal stamping processing of three essential elements. Fuse terminal stamping processing characteristics and the applications of the stamping production by mold and press finish machining process, compared with other processing method, has the following characteristics: (in terms of technology and economy 1) The size of the fuse terminal stamping by the mold to ensure accuracy, has the same characteristic, so the quality is stable, good interchangeability. ( 2) Use of mould processing, can obtain other processing method can't or difficult to manufacture, wall thin, light weight, good rigidity, high surface quality, shape, complex parts. ( 3) Fuse terminal stamping processing, generally don't need to be heated blank, also don't like cutting, large cutting metal, so it is not only energy saving, and metal saving ( 4) For ordinary press can produce dozens per minute, and high speed press can produce hundreds of thousands of pieces per minute. So it is a kind of high efficient processing method. Fuse terminal stamping process has the characteristics of the prominent, so various fields are widely used in national economy. For example, aerospace, machinery, electronic information, such as traffic, weapons, household appliances and light industries are useful to fuse terminals. Not only industry widely used, and each person every day comes in contact directly with the fuse terminal stamping products.
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