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What are the welding ways suitable for stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
We spoke a lot about the knowledge of stamping, believe that everyone has a certain understanding, the author of our hardware just to give you a simple introduction of stamping parts what are the general types of welding methods: stamping welding way generally by its volume, and welding parts, and welding is determined by the structure of the stamping parts, general overhead welding, welding, welding, and horizontal welding. The four welding method, the complex is inverted welding, in the process of overhead welding with arc and the smaller the diameter of the electrode, so the difficulty is very big. When stamping choose flat welding, the general weld on level, operation is simple, and the electrode can be larger in diameter, greatly improve production efficiency, the defect is prone to molten iron and slag mix confused phenomenon. Due to vertical and horizontal welding in the welding process of pressing, as a result of the melting metal flowing downwards, produce defects, so this time we have to choose small diameter welding electrode, and with a shorter arc welding pressing, and the welding current is small one over ten than usual. Listen to us, the interpretation of the door you are understanding of stamping welding with simple?
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